Our Faculty Members

Lai-Chih-ChiaChih-Chia Lai, Ph.D.

Academic Degrees: Med Coll of Ohio
Specialty: http://ls.tcu.edu.tw/cclai/
Phone : 886-3-8565301 ext.  2065
E-mail:  cclai@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: http://ls.tcu.edu.tw/cclai/
CV: Link



個人照Chao-Jung Liu, Ph.D.

Academic Degrees: Natl Taiwan Univ
Phone : 886-3-8565301 ext.  2068
E-mail:  czliu33@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: English CV 2018
CV:English CV 2018


Chia-Ho Lin, Ph.D.

Academic Degrees: Natl Cheng-Kung U
Phone : 886-3-8565301 ext.  2471
E-mail:  chlin97@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: http://ls.tcu.edu.tw/chlin97/
CV: http://ls.tcu.edu.tw/chlin97/ 

Chen-Sung-HoSung-Ho Chen, Ph.D

Academic Degrees: Institute of Toxicology, School of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.
Phone : 886-3-8565301 ext.  2452
E-mail:  chensho@mail.tcu.edu.tw
CV: http://www.chensho.tcu.edu.tw

Lai-Kuo-ChuKuo-Chu Lai, Ph.D.

Academic Degrees: Department & Institute of Pharmacology, National Yang-Ming University
Specialty: CV_KCLai_20131015
Phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2481
E-mail:   kuochu@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: https://tcue504.weebly.com
CV: CV_KCLai_20131015 

Chin-Hung-LiuChin-Hung Liu, Ph.D.

Academic Degrees: Institute of Basic Medical Sciences of NCKU
Phone : 886-3-8565301 ext.  2482
E-mail:  chinhung@mail.tcu.edu.tw
URL: under construction
CV: under construction

Tien-Yuan-WuTien-Yuan Wu, Ph.D.

Academic Degrees: Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Specialty: Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics and pharmacodynamics of cancer chemopreventive
Phone : 886-3-8565301 ext. 2484
URL:under construction
CV:under construction


Ted H. Chiu, Ph.D. (joint professor)

Academic Degrees: SUNY/Buffalo
Specialty: Neuropharmacology
Phone : 886-3-8565301 ext.2063
E-mail:  thchiu@mail.tcu.edu.tw





黃彥達大頭照Huang, Yen Ta, Ph.D. (joint)

Academic Degrees: Link
E-mail: butterdada@pchome.com.tw





王齡誼大頭照10609(1150-400)Wang, Ling Yi, Ph.D. (joint)

Academic Degrees: IPhD of Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, NTU.
Specialty: Epidemiology, Biostatistics
Phone : 886-3-8561825 ext.17651
E-mail:  Lingyiwang@mail.tcu.edu.tw





邱鴻義 20170905照片(1150-400)

Chiu, Hong Yi, Ph.D. (joint)

Academic Degrees:  Institute of Medical Science, Tzu Chi University
Specialty: Neuropharmacology
Phone :  886-3-8561825 ext.13095
E-mail: mumu6292@gmail.com










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