About Hualien and TCU Campus

1. Our campus is located on the west side of Hualien City, which is the capital of Hualien County. The university has a beautiful landscape consisting of main administrative and teaching/research buildings, and is 10-15 minutes car drive to the majestic Central Mountain range. Hualien city is also a port city of eastern Taiwan and the campus is 15-20 minutes car drive from the seashore, which faces Pacific Ocean.

2. Besides the main campus, a second campus housing social and humanity sciences is located nearby. The university hospital and an international meeting hall are adjacent to the main campus. A separate technical college and an affiliated junior and senior high school are also within the Tzu Chi Educational Park.

3. Hualien is famous for her acclaimed Taroko National Park. You may visit http://www.taroko.gov.tw/English/ for more information.

4. Transportation to Hualien:

– Express train from Taipei main station to Hualien takes about 2-2.5 hrs. The train passes through some beautiful landscapes and coastal sceneries. The one way fare is NT $480, which is about US$18 with an exchange rate of 30.

– You may also fly from Taipei Airport to Hualien Airport, which takes about 30 minutes flying time. The one way fare is around NT$ 1,500.

– Buses are available from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Airport or Taipei main train station. The one way fare is NT$120.

– The Hualien Airport or Hualien train station is a short distance from the Tzu Chi university campus. You have to take taxi to university. Arrangement should be made so someone from the institute can pick you up.

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